Flower Arrangements in Calgary

wedding flower arrangements

Greenviron LTD is a full service floral design company located in Calgary, Alberta. We offer custom floral arrangements for special occasions such as weddings, corporate events, private functions and personal celebrations. Our work is unique incorporating the everlasting classics with a modern twist.

With 20 years of experience in floral design, Larissa Klimanova (CFD), dedicates herself to each event. She offers personal attention from the beginning to the end, and ensures that her clients have a stress-free event day.

Fresh cut flower designs

This is a classic approach to decorating any special day. Fresh flowers, when selected properly, can tell a story, inspire and fascinate. They bring the aromas that awaken our senses and memories. We select only high quality flowers that have natural soft or vibrant colors. Our preference is given to the flowers of the season, but rare flowers are not rare in our compositions. We do not limit our clients with the pre-organized flower arrangement, but share with them the freedom of creation. Our philosophy is that even the last minute order should get the same horizon of opportunity as the pre-ordered ones. Every bouquet we deliver is a personalized masterpiece of colors, textures and fragrances. It is truly the unique expression of feelings.

Wedding Flower Arrangements

Every wedding venue is just a place until you add flowers. And at that moment the fairy tale begins. Wedding flower arrangements start transforming the place into one of a kind world for the two of you. These wedding flower bouquets not only represent your characters but portrait your future life together. They create the aroma that will be with you and with all the people attending forever.

Wedding flower arrangements is always a difficult choice, but with professional guidance it becomes an exciting journey to the world of secret meaning of each flower. Our designers work closely with you to make a unique floral design depicting your vision of a perfect wedding.


Ikebana is Japanese for "flowers kept alive". It is an Oriental style of floral design that features simplicity and purity of lines and colors. It is very different from the western style of flower arrangements where emphasis is on symmetry of flowers put in a vase. Ikebana, rather, puts emphasis on lines, shapes, and forms as seen in the flowers and plants in the wild. It is spiritual understanding of the nature and strict adherence to tradition. . This is a disciplined form of art in which nature is a dominant element.

Artificial and silk flower designs

People are in the constant search for simple solutions imitating life. The latest innovation in floral world is the silk flowers. Artificial flowers are becoming more and more popular due to their truly wonderful qualities. These silk flower arrangements are long lasting, hypo-allergenic and colorful. They look so real that you can tell the difference only when you touch them. The silk flower arrangements are perfect for houses, offices, hotels, casinos and any place where you need to create a special mood without all the work that comes with looking after the real flowers. There is no limit to what silk flower arragements you can wish for, as they do not depend on the season or on the time in storage- they are always fresh and ready to excite!

Greenviron LTD specializes in silk flower arrangements of the highest quality. These compositions are great not only for your house or office, but also will make a thoughtful and long-lasting gift.

Flower Designs for corporate events

As an in-house florist for numerous Calgary companies and hotels, Greenviron LTD has considerable expertise in creating unique and stunning corporate flower displays.

With our unrivalled first-class service and our constantly changing designs you can rest assured that your workplace flowers will not only look fabulous, but also speak volumes about your business.

Our services include weekly flower displays for offices, restaurants, boutiques and full-scale hotel styling.